Hanging onto loose threads

How many times does it happen to us? Knowing that we have fallen for the wrong thing, yet we can’t stop it! Heart goes dizzy, doesn’t it? We know, it’s gonna harm us in long term, yet we can’t stop ourselves. Only because the happiness we get from the moment overpowers it all. The heat of the moment, the words that give us a thrill, the voice that makes us go weak in our knees, the smile that can change our day, the kiss that can send us flying in the dark skies. Yes, dark skies. It will pour. Heavily. Heavy enough to take it all down. Heavy enough to drown us all. Heavy enough to take it all with the flow. We know it is going to fall apart, today or tomorrow. Yet we hold onto it, hoping, expecting, praying. We hang onto loose threads. Threads that can break only with a tug. Yet we hang onto it…


12 thoughts on “Hanging onto loose threads

  1. amazing post 🙂
    Our heart is a fool! (bewakoof) !!
    It loves to live in the present, it loves to be loved even when it’s at the cost of pain in future !
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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